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February 2001

Motor Gum, Puppy Brain, Inteli-Gents, The Tricksters, Boat Show

I must have seen MOTOR GUM 40 times because I have a limited number of friends and we all see the same bands. But I was really excited to see PUPPY BRAIN because I hadn't seen them yet since they changed their name from RESCUE CATS and Bob got a new haircut. I left for The Least at 9:15 to give me plenty of time to catch the opening band (the B-Line was packed) and I was really psyched until the train broke down. All the time that I was on the Ninth Great Wonder of The World -- THE T! -- I couldn't stop thinking about my boyfriend who hadn't made plans for Valentine's yet. I told him Wednesday that I had to work Friday and that Saturday I would be leaving my creative writing class early to go to the show, and here I was packed like lemmings into a shiny metal trolley car and he hadn't even called me yet, the shit. I tried calling him when I finally got off the train but the peckerhead wasn't home. Needless to say, I was in the mood for some kick-ass rock that MOTOR GUM and PUPPY BRAIN can deliver. Too bad I missed them both.

But it wasn't too bad that I made it for the INTELI-GENTS! WOW! Albert Einstein on drums. Sigmund Freud on bass. Thomas Alba Edison on guitar. And Madame (drag queen) Curie on vocals. This is not the Spice Girls. Needless to say, Edison rocked, even though it was at times in a Thomas Dolby meets Greg Ginn kind of way. You know, BTO meets EBN-OZN in a coffee house and the Circle Jerks are at the next table, or in a bar across the street -- but they had JUST been drinking. And maybe one of the BTO guys is on a cell phone with an Angry Samoan. Yea, that's what they sounded like! Like BTO and EBN-OZN having coffee talking to an Angry Samoan on the phone, with Black Flag in a bar across the street. It was like really something. Plus I've always been a sucker for costume bands. They could be the best new band that me and my friends aren't friends with yet in town! Check 'em out.

THE TRICKSTERS came on next, changed their name to BOAT SHOW during the last song and played one more set of repetitive rockabilly. Someone's at the door so I've gotta go. (That better be Horner.

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