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Listen To Me Nightly (11-song CD)

With a name like JVODC I knew these guys had to be good. Even though I'm in my 8th consecutive hour of listening to amateur R&B, I am up for the task (I finally ate). These guys remind me of sooo many bands, but in a good way since I can't think of any right now. The guitar gleans like a stainless steel knife with just a slap of butter on it, or margarine, throughout the CD lending a crisp and clear sound to aggressive but sometimes pop-induced rhythms.

The songs are good too. Although it occasionally sounds as if they may have been written around chord changes, the tunes are well crafted and fully realized.

Track 1 (my favorite) rules! They call it "Track One" which I think is really clever, especially when you consider that they decided to spell out the number. The second song slowed things down a bit with the ballad "Consider Me (Your Love Toy)". It was really sweet and there was a part where the instruments all stopped at once and then started up again at the same time.

My friend Becky called during track 3, "Serpent's Broom." She wanted to know what bands I was going to see over the weekend. I told her I wasn't sure and then we started talking about her ex-boyfriend's band who just got dropped from their label so now he wants her back.

Track 11, "MountainFire", rocks a scenic, sonic line between male-adolescent rage and middle-aged male, retro-arena-rock rage: I'm burning up, so burning/I'm burning up for you/So burning up/Burning burning burning/Burning Burning Burning Burning (sic)/Burning like fire. The rest of the CD was pretty good, but you'll have to go to the bathroom during "Thought Patrol" which is song number 8.

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