first person to die in a plane crash wins
heard that buddy holly brews his own light beer still
what i fear most is that the kegs will be dry
in heaven i'm sorry marley smokes the shit
on the verge of some great revelation
morrison is dead and i like it that way
saw the moon on the television smashed at the hotel
saw photos of jack's brain blown away
make a million for my agent make a million for kicks
with a wife and sid at home the pistol is a whip
the orbit of the planets is a perfect ellipse
no reporter's gonna weep when ringo is gutted
bad guys are cold and good guys can't make records
say life is brief for keith it's good and quick
hope you don't have babies cause you're not like me
call before noon i might be choking on my vomit
if they can send a man to the moon
why can't they send them all...
until you've dug for rocks on the moon
you haven't dug for rocks at all