sleep-in 'til one o' clock, i don't care 
spend the day in my underwear 
remote control is right next to me 
the sound of sunday paper and the noise on tv 
for everything that i might have done 
my male libido has a fourth and one 
keep holy the sabbath day 
kick-off is ten minutes away 
we love pro football 'cause we love it so much 
salted pretzels and the beer in our guts 
six-pack! drink it up! 
we love pro football 'cause we love it so much 
it's what we can never be 
get out of the way, honey 
my team's about to punt 
i'm in the stands and my butt is cold 
i'm at the forty and it's goal to go 
martin luther king is my referee 
i snuck a beer past security


The PENIS FLY TRAP song "Pro Football" is on YouTube:

About This Song

This is a PFT standard from the second album. Check out the football helmets of the Rock 'n' Roll Football Syndicate.

PENIS FLY TRAP flyer from show